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Each date includes multiple locations or activities in the same evening as well as a special culinary experience. We don’t want to ruin the surprise, but you can expect something like welcome drinks, a kitchen tour, premium seating at a chef’s table and many more surprises and delights along the way.



None! We make your reservations in advance so all you have to do is show up. For each date, you’ll receive information about the date (cost, time, attire) based on the scales to the right. 



Instead of spending hours researching restaurants and trying to secure reservations, it’s all already done for you. You fill out a questionnaire with your food interests and preferences, and they craft an itinerary for you. Date nights can range from casual to formal, with one stop for dinner or a progressive-style meal where you go to several places with a course at each. – Anita Chu, Dessert First

How Your Date Night Subscription Works

My expectation was that we would show up to the places listed on our itinerary and be left on our own. Instead we had white glove service. I loved our personalized menu which seemed to include the best items at the restaurant (maybe best for us). We were also nervous it wouldn't be worth the $50 fee but it was SO worth it.The experience was beyond anything I could have imagined and we are so excited to explore more of San Francisco with your help!! – Ritu, Date Night guest

What's included

  • Date Night organized for you including the reservation
  • Unique experience at the restaurant
  • VIP treatment at the restaurant

What's NOT included?

  • The cost of the activity and food and drink you order


What Others Are Saying

I rarely have time to plan dates and discover new places. Our Avital Date Night made us feel special while enjoying a new and hip restaurant in San Francisco. – Hava, Burlingame, CA
I enjoyed re-connecting with my partner and having a fun night out together as we have so little time while we're at home with our children for just the two of us. – Sara, San Francisco, CA

Common Questions

  • How do I schedule my date night?

    Once you’ve subscribed, you’ll receive an email with a link to a calendar to book your date night. Simple enter your unique code provided to you in the email into the calendar and you’ll receive an immediate email confirmation for that date and time!

  • What if I don't use my date?

    You will be able to rollover unused dates for up to three months, so you won’t lose your date night. Or, you can gift your code to a friend and let them use your date night!

  • What preparation do I need to do?

    None! You’ll receive your itinerary two days before your date and all reservations and activities have been reserved under your name, so you just need to show up. It’ll be a delightful surprise for both you and your partner!