In case you procrastinated on planning a date, here are 50 date ideas you can use tonight. Or if you’re a planner, use these later.

50 Date Ideas

  1. Find a new brewery and share some flights of the most interesting beers on the menu. 

2. Visit a local bookstore. Buy books and read them in a local coffee shop or park.

3. Build a blanket fort in your living room and have a movie night inside.

4. Pick a movie based on just the title and go see it.

5. Go ice skating. If it’s winter find an outdoor rink. If it’s warm find somewhere inside. 

6. Book a hot air balloon ride in wine country.

7. Have your date planned and be surprised and delighted.

8. Go skiing, sledding, or snow tubing.  (Of course, drink hot cocoa afterward.)

9. Plan an ice cream crawl.

10. Go on a food tour and explore a new neighborhood in your city.

11. Have a staycation at an Airbnb in your own city.

12. Go wine tasting.

13. Go our for breakfast….in your pajamas.

14. Attend a drag queen brunch. 

15. Take a cooking class.

16. Have a thrift store fashion show.

17. Go camping (or glamping). 

18. Head to an amusement park for a day of acting like kids.

19. Host a game night.

20. Find a drive-in movie and pack lots of movie snacks before you go. 

21. Walk without a destination or map and see what you find. Leave your phones at home. 

22. Create your own custom couple cocktail. 

23. Take a pottery or glassblowing class. (And yes, recreate that scene from Ghost.)

24.  Do something touristy in your city. 

25. See a play.

26. Go to a waterpark and spend the in the lazy river.

27. Make and follow a scavenger hunt.

28. Spend all day cooking an extravagant meal.

29. Find a rooftop pool and turn it into a pool party.

30. Pick sometime on each of your to-do lists and do it together to make it less painful. (Laundry, anyone?)

31. Race go karts.

32.  Find treasures at a flea market.

33. Go to a free comedy or improv show.

34. Karaoke. (Yes, just the two of you!)

35. Dress up very fancy for a very casual dinner.

36. Go to a museum.

37. Hike.

38. Garden together.

39. Rollerskating or bowling in costume, of course. 

40. Play with animals at a shelter. (Warning: risk of adopting a pet.)

41. Make pizza, sushi, or another fun food at home. 

42. Pick apples, peaches, berries, or whatever is in season. 

43. Go mini golfing…or real golfing. 

44. Go to a live sports game. 

45. Draw each other’s portraits or make art together. 

46. Write a song together. 

47. Go to a concert or the opera or any other musical event. 

48. Go dancing or take a dance class. 

49. Go for a boat ride-from row boats to sail boats. 

50. Take a road trip.

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