We’ve heard all the excuses: “We’re too busy!” “We’re tired.” “We don’t have time.” But date night is important. Even science says so. (Really, look at what psychologists have to say about the necessity of date night.) We know it’s hard to make time to go on dates, not to mention planning them. So let a date planner curate your next date. Here’s why:

It takes the pressure off of you.

Planning the perfect date night can be a lot of pressure. And when things come with pressure, we tend to avoid them. Take the pressure off of you and let your date planner do the work. Then all you have to do is show up and enjoy. That will help with the “I’m tired” excuse. And if you really are tired, your date planner can make sure you’re home by midnight. (But we bet once you’re out, you’ll get re-energized.)

You’ll be surprised.

When is the last time both of you were able to be surprised on your date? When someone else does the planning, both partners are able to be surprised and delighted with what unfolds. Your date planner will curate the entire experience and you can be kept in the dark if you want. We think that makes the date even more fun and romantic.

 You’ll actually go on a date.

We get it-procrastination happens. And we also have many conversations that end with, “Oh yeah, we should go there sometime.”  But when it happens when you’re planning a date, often times date night (and sometime) never happens. Your date planner will do all the planning to make sure date night actually does happen and that you and your partner follow through with your plans.

 Date planners are experts and have special connections.

You’re an expert on something, but it might not be planning the perfect date. Let an expert date planner take the wheel. They’ll know the best restaurants, bars, and things to do in your city. And they’ll be able to book experiences that you might not be able to. So you’ll get special treatment, a look behind-the-scenes, and other bonuses that you don’t even know about yet.


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